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Sat Mar 5 15:00:12 EST 2011

Git should be built into the latest versions of MD (2.6 and later) using 
NGit, which Lluis ported from JGit (IIRC - a Java implementation of 
Git). As I understood it, that should mean that you don't need Git 
installed for MonoDevelop to be able to handle Git projects. The older 
code did make calls to Git and parse the responses, but that was replaced.

If you can post some of the errors then we might be able to give you an 
idea of what is going on and why it isn't working :)



On 05/03/11 19:56, Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Git portable, which not included in system path, effectively
> it is not installed,  when I open a project which it cloned using
> command line, it did not show me any git error (I think it should show
> message like 'Git is not install, git operations can't be performed').
> Second thing, when right click on solution control and select version
> control, than it throw up many error. I think if proper version control
> system is not installed than, it version control menu should be disabled.
> I'm using MD 2.6 beta 1 on win7.
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