[MonoDevelop] Can't get add-in to appear in MonoDevelop, a couple other questions

Joshua Granick bulkmail at joshuagranick.com
Sat Mar 5 04:43:48 EST 2011


I was trying to create a new language binding for MonoDevelop 2.4, but I  
really haven't had any luck. Each approach I have tried hasn't worked out.  
The first add-in I downloaded must have been written for an older version.  
I then tried to create my own add-in based on PythonBinding, which also  
appears to have been made for an older version. Next I created an add-in  
based on LuaBinding, which compiles, but I can't get it to appear in the  

In the event that I get the add-in working, I'd also be interested in  
knowing if it might be possible to change two behaviors of MonoDevelop, at  
least for a specific language. I didn't figure it would be the case, but I  
might as well ask. The first is if it would be possible to show all files  
in the project folder, rather than having to add them explicitly, and the  
second is if it would be possible to use project files which use a custom  
format, for compatibility with other applications.

Thanks for any help!


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