[MonoDevelop] The completion list should be case aware but not case sensitive

Alan alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 06:45:15 EST 2011

One bug that's been annoying me for quite some time is that the code
completion list is case sensitive in some circumstances and case
insensitive in others. For example:

public int Value {
    get; set;

public void Foo ()
   int value = 5;

If I press 'v' right where the dollar sign is, I will be offered
completion for everything starting with an upper or lower case 'v'.
I'll see both "Value" and "value" listed. However if i do something
like the following, I end up with zero possible matches:

public void Bar ()

In this scenario I am offered nothing because I accidentally held
'shift' for one extra letter and ended up with two capital letters.
This is inconsistent from a user perspective and frustrating that
options which you expect to be visible are not visible. What I'd
expect in this scenario is that if there was a method which started
with the capital letters "CR", it would be highlighted by default, but
the completion list would not assume that methods such as "WriteLine"
should be removed from the list of possibilities. Similarly if i wrote
"Wr" I'd expect to have "WriteLine" offered and  highlighted but i
would also expect to see something like "WRL" to be still be show in
the completion list, even though the casing is different.

The search box already has exactly the functionality that I want in
the completion list. If i disable the option "Automatically set search
pattern sensitivity" I end up being able to find case insensitive
matches for whatever I type or copy/paste into that box. This is
brilliant! Would it be possible to have the completion list to either
use this same setting, have this behaviour by default or have it's own
specific setting for this?


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