[MonoDevelop] Problem with wx.Net on monodevelop on Windows

Jim Orcheson jim at va3hj.ca
Tue Mar 1 09:06:35 EST 2011

I have just installed mono, monodevelop and wx.Net on my Windows 7 64 
bit system.
I copied wx-c-0-9-0-2.dll to the SysWOW64 directory.
I am able to create a very simple wx.Net program and it executes. 
However, as soon as I move the cursor over the main window, I get 
"Failed to load shared library 'comctl32.dll' (error 126: the specified 
module could not be found.)

comctl32.dll is located in the System32 directory. Is there some project 
setting in monodevelop that I can change so that comctl32.dll will be 
found? I could find no information in the documentation for this.

I also realize that this could be a wx.Net problem, but I have to start 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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