[MonoDevelop] New To MonoDevelop - Seeking Help

Dean Harry dean at callit.com.au
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Hi Jim,

My 2 cents worth :)

I have been developing with Mono for a couple years now, I started by trying to learn ObjC and found it very tough going being a .net guy... I agree that once you really get into it and want to do more complex stuff, it is hard to find good resources... they are out there, just hard to find.

One of the best resources I have found is this group, and also the MonoTouch mailing list (monotouch at lists.ximian.com<mailto:monotouch at lists.ximian.com>) or the support forums listed at http://xamarin.com/support.html. Another great book to get hold of if you don't already have it is "Developing C# Apps for iPhone and iPad using MonoTouch" by Bryan Costanich, it's a pretty good rescource.

What I have been doing lately is looking at a lot of ObjC code and then converting it to C#, the more you look at it the easier it gets...

I guess I could just learn ObjC but I don't like it much and prefer .NET.


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I've been developing C#.NET applications for sometime now and have been in the business of developing business applications some 20+ years.  About 5 months ago i became interested in iPhone development when i happened upon MonoDevelop.  I found a book on Books24x7.com<http://Books24x7.com/> which i've worked through and have an iPhone app underway which i feel pretty good about.

That said, I've been finding that the more i dive into this development environment the fewer comprehensive references and development support help i find.  I'm starting to get into more advanced levels of development, but keep running into "walls" as the learning curve steers me.  It seems to me that learning Objective-C is an inevitable reality, and so I am working through learning the language as well.

But the going is slow, and being accustomed to tons of .NET support and stuff you can find on Google I'm becoming a bit frustrated with my progress.  I'm kind of at a lost in deciding if I should stick with MonoDevelop or switch over to Xcode and Objective-C and could use some good advice on which direction I should go.  Also, can one build components in Xcode/Objective-C and use them in MonoDevelop?

Further, I would welcome any information on MonoDevelop support, books, tutorials, samples, forums, online chats, any other kind of MonoDevelop and/or Xcode development resources, etc.  In particular I would like to master the art of showing a view that my users can flip the pages with their fingers, like when reading a book.  I've seen this kind of thing, but can only find samples on how to do it in Xcode/Objective-C and would really rather do it in MonoDevelop.

Best Regards,
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