[MonoDevelop] Create mobile assembly

Robin Heggelund Hansen robin at hardware.no
Mon Feb 28 21:16:34 EST 2011


I'm planning on creating an app with iOS-, WP7-, desktop- and even Android-clients. The way I planned to do this was to create a "core" assembly, or library project, and link this to my "client"-projects in the same solution.

Unfortunetly, MonoDevelop won't let me add my library to my MonoTouch project as a reference as my library targets the wrong framework (Mono 3.5 instead of MonoTouch).

Is there no way to add my library project as a reference to my monotouch project? The only other way i can see of doing this is to create a new library project for monotouch, monodroid, wp7 and desktop and link the same files to all the projects (can I even do this), but that is a bit messy...

Solutions are welcome! :)

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