[MonoDevelop] Upgrade to .Net 4.0?

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 10:31:28 EST 2011

I'm trying to build MonoDevelop again to fix up one of my patches, but 
I'm having problems. At first it was just Git (more specifically NSch 
not finding extension methods in Sharpen) so I switched back to Master. 
Now I'm having to reconfigure lots of projects because they're all set 
to use the .Net 4.0.

I'll obviously only be doing this as a temporary local thing, but I just 
wondered if there was a reason for the move. I've not found anything 
that needs .Net 4 yet, but it means that Mono 2.6 can't build it. I've 
tried updating to Mono 2.8 from the openSUSE OBS, but there isn't a 
version of mono-jscript and other packages, so I lose various Mono apps.

Does MD really need .Net 4 yet, or is it just pre-empting some new 
feature that people might want to exploit but aren't exploiting yet?



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