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Antao Almada antao.almada at ydreams.com
Mon Feb 7 12:56:34 EST 2011

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the reply.

"mdrun setup reg-build -v" does execute on Windows and made the addin
disapear from the list.
Just in case, I decided to uninstall MonoDevelop and delete the
AppData\Roaming\MonoDevelop folder.

I now have another problem, my add-in is never refered in the "Message Log"

The add-in has some problem but the error message is not being displayed in
the pad. After many attempts, I created a basic add-in, only with the
.addin.xml file. It now appears in the "Add-in Manager" but it still isn't
refered in the "Message Log". I've seen this working before... :-/


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On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 1:53 PM, aalmada <antao.almada at ydreams.com> wrote:
> I'm developing my first addin and I'm having an hard time understanding
> it's being loaded. Is it loaded every time or is there a cache?

There is a metadata cache but it's supposed to be updated when the
addins change. You could try deleting it - it's in
~/.config/MonoDevelop/addin-db-001/ on Linux and Mac,
AppData\Roaming\MonoDevelop\addin-db-001 on Windows 7.

> I've deleted the addin DLL but the "Add-in Manager" still lists it.

That's very off, are you sure there isn't another copy of the dll that
the addin scan in picking up?

> I searched this forum and found a reference to a "mdtool reg-build -v"
> command. Looks like mdtool is now called mdrun (when executing it, the
> shown still mentions mdtool) but there is no reg-build option.

Yes, the exe is called "mdrun.exe" for some reason, but the wrapper
scripts on Mac and Linux are called "mdtool". We should probably
rename it to make it consistent for Windows users.

I think it should be "mdtool setup reg-build -v"

Michael Hutchinson

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