[MonoDevelop] Universal Open-Source Automation with T4 - Looking for Help

Kalle Launiala kalle.launiala at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 06:02:06 EST 2011


We managed to discover a way to do universal and enforcibly
open-source methodology to automate anything in software development.

To underline that this is just standard T4, we got mention on T4 Teams
Official Blog as well and we're simply promoting the standard use of


And it's full open-source (by the very design it MUST be):


Now as there has been a requirement for non-Windows platform usage
(where Visual Studio does not apply); we're trying to build a feasible
workflow based on MonoDevelop's T4 support.

The features that are more or less required to be supported are best
demonstrated in our Demo Videos / Getting Started With T4:


We have figured out some workarounds to work with MonoDevelop, but
having to stretch our resources on both VS and MonoDevelop sides,
we're happy to receive any help. And for example building a T4
intellisense on MonoDevelop is simply out of our realistic reach.

Kalle Launiala

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