[MonoDevelop] New plugin development : Integrated virtual terminal

Charles charles.dmt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 12:28:20 EDT 2011


I recently discovered MD 2.6 (under linux) after using the previous version
for a while, and I noted that on debugging C/C++ code using GDB, MD was
unable to capture the output of the code into the integrated console. After
discussions and investigation, I learnt this integrated console was not a
real console but only a text control linked with stdout. The problem is, GDM
does not seem to have an option to redirect its output into a file (such
like stdout) using the MI2 mode.

Anyway, I found that it would be nice to make MD provides a real integrated
virtual console, so it can manage the input is the program ask for it, and
the output can be displayed inside anyway.

So how do i see that ? The idea i to use some /dev/pts special files in
order to develop a basic virtual terminal interface into a plugin. As a
first goal, I should be able to use a "background" virtual tty that would
only redirect its content into the actual console.

I start to work on it from that day, and hope to have some suit.

Best regards,
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