[MonoDevelop] Native Client

Stuart Johnson stuart at stu.org.uk
Sat Aug 13 17:34:01 EDT 2011

I have been quite excited about Native Client for a while now, after 
reading Mono could be made to run on it.

The sort of desktop applications I write, dont really translate well 
into web based apps, so I turned to Silverlight which I have had a lot 
of success with. However I have been disappointed with it's uptake, and 
lack of mobile support.

I looked upon Native Client as being the ideal replacement with the idea 
of being able to deploy real desktop applications via the web. But this 
dream didn't seem very likely, given its uptake prospects looked worse 
than Silverlights.

However, some recent bits of news, has got me excited again.

Google Chome will have Native Client installed as standard in the next 
Native Client will have plugins for other browsers.
Google Plus is going to make use of Native Client for it's gaming (and 
we all know Google are going to be pushing this very hard when its 

I wondered what others thought, in particular the opportunity it may 
have for Monodevelop in developing for Native Client?   QT has been 
ported to Native Client, but not GTK. So we could really do with better 
QT integration, or for GTK to be ported.

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