[MonoDevelop] Making WinForms and GTK# apps (general)

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Sat Sep 25 04:31:00 EDT 2010

If native widgets on all platforms is what you want, you should take a 
look at wxWidgets (.NET), which does just that, unlike GTK  or QT which 
use its own everywhere.

I've seen all three, worked with wxWidgets and GTK#, and I can tell you 
that there are problems with both approaches. I personally always 
prefered wxWidgets, but I can see the advantage of GTK, with its own 
widgets. The only problem I have with that, is that GTKs design is 
always some time behind the windows design. And I don't like it when 
applications looks as if they were made 10 years ago, because people 
judge it by the way they look, not by what they are. Unfortunately, that 
one single problem is rather deadly, which is why I still prefer 
wxWidgets, although GTK is technically better...

The todo would rather be making GTK look great in comparison to native 
windows apps.
Unfortunately right now, it's the opposite: Windows apps look great in 
comparison to GTK.

I hate to say it, but as the majority of people is not too bright, the 
look is the unique selling point.
Functionality and portability, although it is recognized as a plus, 
doesn't really matter.
(Which is why I say they are not too bright.)

On 09/24/2010 06:56 PM, Stifu wrote:
> It would be nice to have a WinForms designer in MonoDevelop, some tried, but
> nothing really came out. The Mono team will not do it, so it'll have to be a
> community effort.
> If I understoodd your WinForms / GTK idea correctly, then this is addressed
> here:
> http://mono-project.com/Windows_Forms#History
> About the fact WinForms looks bad on Linux, well, the solution would be to
> improve the WinForms Linux theme (or make a separate one for when visual
> styles are enabled?). There is already a theme engine in place and all, but
> yeah, the current theme looks very similar to the old Windows classic theme,
> which isn't too sexy.
> mushketer888 wrote:
>> Well..I am on Linux.
>> I was starting coding with WinForms and i found that MonoDevelop don't
>> have Designer for Winforms(Like Visual C# has),but it have for GTK#.
>> Would it be also good to make it for WinForms?
>> And about WinForms...Why on Linux it is displayed so somehow nasty?Like it
>> is executing in wine :P
>> Wouldn't it be better to create WinForms wrapper in GTK?(I don't know how
>> Mono WinForms are made)
>> For example: Window class in Linux would be from GTK, and in
>> Windows-native.
>> In result we would have designer(how in VS) and maybe better
>> crossplatform(better than with gtk)
>> So i wan't to say that developing with WinForms is not so pleasantly,how
>> it could be.
>> I hope someone understood me :P

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