[MonoDevelop] adding/removing components from toolbox

Daniel Soto daniel.soto2k at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 02:15:28 EDT 2010

Hi guys.

I was writing an ASP.NET app, and want to poke around the toolbox. I did
the test with AjaxControlToolkit. I added some components to the toolbox
but now I can't remove them!! Plus, they appears duplicated. I selected
it, right click on CascadingDropdown, for example, and click on
Delete... but nothing happens (it's a bug?).

How can I to delete components from toolbox manually? I try navigating
around some configuration files of monodevelop, but none of them
contains something similar to Control references from the Assembly that
I loaded. The assembly AjaxControlToolkit.dll is already deleted and
wiped out from my system, but controls still appear in the toolbox.

By the way, AjaxToolkit appears as like that does not work with Mono,
and I'm not interested on it anymore (I'm searching for other Ajax
library)... unless that someone explain me how to get it to work...
well, this will be another post :-)



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