[MonoDevelop] Platform Specific Custom Build Events & Projects

Chuck McCrobie mccrobie2000 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 19:16:42 EDT 2010

I'm developing an application that runs on Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD
using Mono 2.6.7.  For Windows, I use Visual Studio 2008/2010 for
development.  On OpenSUSE and FreeBSD, I am using Monodevelop.

However, I have projects specific to OpenSUSE that are different than
FreeBSD - neither of which should be included / compiled on Windows.

Is there a mechanism within MonoDevelop to reference the OpenSUSE
project when the solution is opened for OpenSUSE and conversely, for
FreeBSD?  Is this mechanism also not loadable in a nice way on

I looks like I need to have three different versions of the Solution
(.sln) and Project (.csproj) files to accomplish what I want.

Alternatively, I suppose I can reference a Makefile that sorts out the
differences for OpenSUSE and FreeBSD.  Will VisualStudio ignore the
Makefile listed in the Project files?

Has anyone else run into this use case and if so, who did you solve it?



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