[MonoDevelop] About MIME types

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 09:10:27 EDT 2010

On 18/09/10 12:39, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> On 17/09/2010 21:18, IBBoard wrote:
>> From some issues that I've had with XSD files in MonoDevelop then I
>> think the MIME type is picked up from a .Net binding around a Gnome
>> library. My problem is that MD no longer opens XSDs because Gnome tells
>> it that it doesn't have a handler, but Michael Hutchinson and others
>> don't have the problem and the stack trace pointed to the Gnome binding.
>> What does it say if you find the file in Nautilus and view the
>> properties, or run "file /path/to/file" at the commandline?
> We're talking about different issues. I am talking about syntax hilight
> (MD opens the file perfectly well) while you're talking about MD not
> opening the XSDs files.
> federico

That depends - MD won't open files for me because (as I understand it)
it asks Gnome about the mimetype and Gnome thinks MD should handle it,
but MD rejects the file and doesn't think it can. If the syntax
highlighting is also built on mimetype and also picks it up from the
Gnome bindings then it'd be two aspects of the same underlying issue.

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