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>From some issues that I've had with XSD files in MonoDevelop then I
think the MIME type is picked up from a .Net binding around a Gnome
library. My problem is that MD no longer opens XSDs because Gnome tells
it that it doesn't have a handler, but Michael Hutchinson and others
don't have the problem and the stack trace pointed to the Gnome binding.

What does it say if you find the file in Nautilus and view the
properties, or run "file /path/to/file" at the commandline?

On 17/09/10 09:27, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a little question about how MD editor uses MIME types. Lately
> I've noted that my CSS files are not highlighted and I started to write
> a syntax file only to discover that a syntax files already exists. The
> only problem is that it specifies "text/x-css" as MIME type. I don't
> know from where text/x-css comes but just appending ";text/css" (i.e.,
> the correct MIME type) made the editor correctly highlight CSS files.
> So, here are the questions:
> 1) From where does text/x-css comes?
> 2) It is file to send a patch that adds the correct MIME type to make
>    sure the editor highlighting always work?
> federico
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