[MonoDevelop] Code cleanup options

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Thu Sep 16 02:57:16 EDT 2010


> Hey, I don't know if enabling "Format on save" is such a good idea.
> There have been some very weird edge cases (that I can't reproduce)
> where my file's syntax has been modified and didn't compile after
> formatting.
> Normally if I format it from the keystroke (Alt-E F F) I understand
> that the file can get altered, and always compile to make sure. But in
> case I do this, quit the IDE and don't have my file versioned - I'd be
> annoyed if anything bad were to happen to it.
> Or maybe you can make a new keystroke for "auto-format and save" that
> could be used for this usecase.

I share the concerns on the format on save ... but it's an option - I 
hope that when turning on this the user knows what he do.
btw. I think you missed the point about 'all new formatting engine' ... 
the new one can't eat up  code like the old one.
(however bugs >may< happen - but the old one had structural problems 
that couldn't be solved)

If you don't want it - don't turn it on. There are some other things 
that can be done on save ... eclipse has an own option panel for the on 
save 'refactorings'.
I think we should provide the same mid-term.


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