[MonoDevelop] Code cleanup options

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Wed Sep 15 15:48:25 EDT 2010

> Mike has just closed Bug 595578 [1] (Allow "Format Document" on save) -
> I knew he'd come round to my suggestion in the end ;) - so I thought I'd
> start a discussion about some of the details.
> I use Eclipse during the day, and while it has too many options in some
> parts, I think the auto-formatting is really useful and well done. We
> use it at work to ensure consistency between developers and with coding
> standards, as well as being a lazy way to fix up white space and indent
> issues etc. without you having to think about it.
Interresting - I thought the old formatting wasn't usable at all but the 
last few days I met some people using it. I guess when using it always 
you naturally worked around it's shortcommings.
> Personally, I think formatting should (if possible) be a project setting
> as it would make it easier for developers to be consistent on a project.
> As an example, all of my code uses the "Method(args)" and brackets on
> their own lines style, while MD uses "Method (args)" and brackets on the
> same line as the block statements (but not methods etc). If the settings
> were per-project with a fall-back to the IDE (like the existing default
> policies) then I'd be able to work on MD and my code without worrying
> about whether I was formatting each one correctly.
This IS a project setting - and always was. (with a default in standard 
> In terms of available options, I think MD is fairly close to the core of
> the options that Eclipse has, but a bit more boolean. Some of the
> Eclipse options can take numbers (like the amount of new lines to
> maintain, which is useful for pruning down gaps). Some of the other
> options are also a bit more flexible (I think it is a "always, never,
> when necessary" option) but that might be less important.
> Any thoughts or opinions?
I'll check the eclipse stuff - the current options are only the 1st 
version. I've not worked much at the options - since the old formatter 
didn't work.


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