[MonoDevelop] Newbie in dev looking for an assignment

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 03:49:00 EST 2010

El dl 29 de 11 de 2010 a les 21:13 +0100, en/na Andrzej Skalski va
> Hi,
> My name is Andrzej Skalski, and I am a student of 4th year of Computer 
> Science at Warsaw University, Poland.
> I would like to participate in development of MonoDevelop, but I am not 
> sure how to start. Is there anyone with a ticket, who would use some 
> support and could show me how to start?

In monodevelop.com/Developers you'll find some documentation about how
to contribute to MonoDevelop, and some articles about the MD internals.
My advice is that you start with something simple, for example you can
try implementing a simple add-in following the tutorial you'll find in
the Articles section. You'll start getting used to the MD API in this

> I have also two ideas for future additions:
> - a plugin to ANTLR, similar to ANTLR IDE for Eclipse.
> - a meta-language in comments, similar to javadoc, but describing not 
> hints for code completion, but visualisation for debugger. It would be 
> extremely useful, if it allowed to abstract debugger visualization from 
> code definition, by - for example - visualizin a tree-like structure as  
> a tree, while it's defined as a structure with references to child nodes.
> Are these implementable and/or desired?

The debugger visualizer meta-language sounds interesting. Can't tell
much about ANTLR. There is also an extensive task list in
http://monodevelop.com/Developers/Tasks. Maybe you can find something
interesting there ;)


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