[MonoDevelop] Visual Gtk# design problem..

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Sun Nov 14 09:21:13 EST 2010


This is the beginnings of Stetic, which will eventually be a new GUI
designer for GNOME. At the moment, it is just a mostly useless demo of
certain bits of Gtk#.
To build Stetic you need Mono/MCS head (a recent 1.1.x release is
*probably* ok), and the very latest Gtk# (yesterday's snapshot is
probably too old).
Q. "How do I--"
A. You can't, it's not implemented yet.
Q. "Why does--"
A. Because it was just a quick hack. It will be different later.
Q. "Can I--"
A. No.
Q. "But--"
A. I'm sorry, which part of "mostly useless" didn't you

On 11/14/2010 09:53 AM, sankarbose wrote:
> Hi
> i have just started using linux and mono just 2 days ago so i am a complete
> newbie. i have installed fedora core 12 and installed mono and monodevelop.
> i am facing a problem i cant use the visual Gtk# designer, when ever i
> select the main window or try to add a window widget i am getting the bellow
> exeception
> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an
> object
>    at
> MonoDevelop.GtkCore.GuiBuilder.GuiBuilderService.GenerateSteticCodeStructure
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.DotNetProject project, Stetic.ProjectItemInfo item,
> Stetic.Component component, Stetic.ComponentNameEventArgs args, Boolean
> saveToFile, Boolean overwrite) [0x000ce] in
> /builddir/build/BUILD/monodevelop-2.2/src/addins/MonoDevelop.GtkCore/MonoDevelop.GtkCore.GuiBuilder/GuiBuilderService.cs:310
> ...
> .....
>                                     i have what causing the problem. i am
> using monodevelop version 2.2 . please help me to fix the problem.
>                                                                      with
> regards..........

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