[MonoDevelop] running & debugging on Apache or Nginx?

Anirudh Sanjeev anirudh at anirudhsanjeev.org
Thu Nov 11 04:27:30 EST 2010

> Thanks, I am thinking of this setup, too. Do you have any performance data
> on how well it performs? Does your production site process many requests per
> second? I am planning to use 2.8.1.
My production site is currently just a small static page, though the
site handled around 5000 requests over the day breezingly on the
smallest Rackspace VPS Server. I've been testing my main production
site on Amazon S3 micro server. Here's the output of "ab -n 1000 -c 10
http://localhost/" on my production server (amazon t1.micro)

Percentage of the requests served within a certain time (ms)
  50%     59
  66%     72
  75%     85
  80%     91
  90%    110
  95%    127

This is after making a mongodb connection for each request. (MVC2,
Mono 2.6.7 stable).

> Yeah, last night I set it up using nginx + fastcgi-mono-server2, and even
> though I attached the debugger to the FastCGI server, it allowed to debug
> only the unmanaged code.
I found that mod_mono had much better performance characteristics
rather than the fastcgi server. I noticed some very major memory
increases. Though that's because I use a very verbose logging system
which has some threading issues.

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