[MonoDevelop] running & debugging on Apache or Nginx?

Anirudh Sanjeev anirudh at anirudhsanjeev.org
Wed Nov 10 23:41:59 EST 2010


> Group 1:
> 1. Is there a way to automagically deploy a web application to an apache or
> nginx website in MD?
Automagically? Somewhat - there's a "mod_mono" in apache that is
surprisingly easy to configure. http://tuxtorial.com is powered by
Mono 2.6.7 on Debian. Here's the apache site directly copied from the

In the production release, though, I have nginx serving the static
files, and it proxies requests to Apache which uses mod_mono to

> 2. Can such webapp be debugged normally in MD?
I don't think so.

> ... so I am forced to use Mono :)
It's not nearly as bad as you might think it is.

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