[MonoDevelop] Random questions to adjust MD

Oskar Berggren oskar.berggren at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 16:21:56 EDT 2010

2010/11/2 Elsass Philippe <philippe.elsass at gmail.com>:
> Hello list,
> I started using MD on Mac, while being a regular VS user on PC (I hope
> you're cool with that).
> I'd like to adjust a few things to become really comfortable but I
> fail to find where/how.
> 1. I'm used to press Ctrl+Backspace to cleanup useless whitespace
> before cursor - but in MD it will remove the whitespace AND the first
> word found, regardless of punctuation. ie. it doesn't stop at the
> first curly brace or semicolon. This is not right imho, and it's
> driving me nuts :)

Yes, this behavior drives me nuts as well.

Given the following code:
return View();

If you put the marker are the end of the line, then VS will delete,
for each Ctrl+Backspace, first the ;, then the ), then the (, and then
"View". When doing the same manoeuvre in MD, it will delete all of
"View();" already on the first hit on Ctrl+Backspace.

Not sure which behavior is "better", I guess if you're only using
MonoDevelop, perhaps this is something you get used to. But when
switching back and forth, the difference is aggravating. I find that
monodevelop constantly deletes more than I really intended.


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