[MonoDevelop] Database plugin for monodevelop using MySQL

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Mon May 31 09:32:14 EDT 2010


Am Sonntag 30 Mai 2010 08:58:37 schrieb xplicit:
> I have monodevelop 2.4 compiled from trunk (r158158). I tried to use
>  database plugin with mysql 5. Database connection and database query work
>  fine, but when I try to generate LINQ class exception "Client does not
>  support authentication protocol requested by server" occurs. Should not
>  they use the same approach for accessing mysql throught MySqlClient but
>  not old ByteFx provider?
Although I am no MySQL expert, may I advise you to look into the config of 
your MySQL server. RDBMS servers offer a variety of authentication methods 
(plain password, MD5-encrypted password, Kerberos,...), and the client-side 
database driver must support the authentication method preset on the server. 
And the respective authentication method must be set in the connection string 
you pass to IDbConnection. Otherwise you'll get error messages like the one 
you encountered.

So please check both the server config, and the connection string, and 
experiment a little bit with the alternatives offered. If this does not help, 
the driver doesn't support the authentication method you chose.

Kind regards

Gra dla duzych chlopcow.

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