[MonoDevelop] code-complete with ikvm assemblies

Ian Norton-Badrul inb at ncipher.com
Fri May 21 03:57:17 EDT 2010

Hello There,

I've been playing around with IKVM ( and am rather impressed ). 

I have a few java classes that ikvmc has turned into an assembly and
seem to work very well. My question is that when using monodevelop (2.2)
I can get code-completion for the availible class names and namespaces
but not any class/instance methods or fields.

Eg, I have a java class like so:

public class Foo {
  private String fooName;

  public static int Instances = 0;

  public Foo( String name ){
    fooName = name;
  public String GetName(){
    return fooName;

The IKVM DLL for the above contains all the right stubs when viewed in
the assembly browser ( and my program calling into that DLL does work
fine in mono )

In MD I only get the auto-complete for Foo, and only get the methods and
fields completed for a basic object (GetHashCode(), ToString() etc)

Is this expected?



Ian Norton-Badrul
Tactical Software Engineer
+44 1223 723 600

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