[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop 2.4 Beta 1 released

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Sat May 8 12:28:53 EDT 2010

Am Freitag 07 Mai 2010 01:19:10 schrieb Lluis Sanchez Gual:
> The MonoDevelop team is proud to announce the release of MonoDevelop 2.4
> Beta 1 (2.3). This is the first release of a series of releases that
> will lead to MonoDevelop 2.4, hopefully around the end of May.
Hi Lluis,

I'm now trying out MD 2.4 beta 1 on openSuSE 11.2 /  x86-64. The improved look 
is really a nice thing, even on my rather small (19" wide-screen; 1156 × 800 
px) screen.

MD now even runs slightly faster than it used to...with one lousy exception: 
Scrolling through large (> 400 lines) source-code files sometimes goes really 
slowly and not very smoothly.


Dbaj o życie. Ubezpiecz je w ING Życie.

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