[MonoDevelop] [Mono-list] MonoDevelop 2.4 Beta 1 released

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Fri May 7 07:59:25 EDT 2010

El dj 06 de 05 de 2010 a les 18:06 -0700, en/na Mike Christensen va
> This is awesome, I just installed this on my Mac and looks very good.
> No glaring bugs or anything.  I have a few questions about the
> Immediate window.  It seems to be read-only.  First off, I cannot
> declare a new variable:
> > string s = "Hello";
> EOF expected

The syntax is:

var s = "hello"

although that is also broken in this beta release. I just fixed it.

> Second, if I change an existing variable in the local scope, it
> apparently ignores me:
> > y
> 18
> > y++;
> > y
> 18


> Third, I cannot call methods on local variables:
> > y.ToString()
> Evaluation failed.

Calling methods on primitive values is not currently supported. Other
local variables should work.

> (Note there's also no Autocomplete within the Immediate window which
> would be a nice to have as well)..

Maybe in MD 2.6 ;)

> When I'm debugging, I use the Immediate window quite a bit to "mock up
> code" before I change my program, and some polishing up on the
> MonoDevelop immediate window would go a long way.  The more this could
> be like Visual Studio, the better.  (I'm sure you guys hear that one a
> lot).  Any chance of fixing some of these issues before the final
> bits?  Thanks!!

If you find other bugs, please file them through


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