[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop 2.4 Beta 1 released

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Thu May 6 19:19:10 EDT 2010

The MonoDevelop team is proud to announce the release of MonoDevelop 2.4
Beta 1 (2.3). This is the first release of a series of releases that
will lead to MonoDevelop 2.4, hopefully around the end of May.

MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET
languages. MonoDevelop enables developers to quickly write desktop and
ASP.NET Web applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. MonoDevelop
makes it easy for developers to port .NET applications created with
Visual Studio to Linux and to maintain a single code base for all

This release contains lots of new features and improvements. Here is a
summary of the new features:

      * Workbench Usability 
              * Improved look
              * Improved pad organization
              * Improved Error Workflow with In-line Error Bubbles
              * New Project/File dialogs
              * New Navigate To dialog
              * Solution and Class pad Zooming
              * New Options for selecting the user interface language,
                output pad font and GTK+ theme.
      * Project Model 
              * Standalone Assembly Projects
              * External Console Support for Mac and Windows
              * Support for adding files to solution folders
              * Proper MSBuild file links in projects
      * Source Editing 
              * Improved in-line search
              * Group Mode in Code Completion
              * Symbol Usage Highlighting
              * Editing Support in Block Selection Mode
              * Import Type Command
              * Code Focus Toggle and Follow-cursor
              * Quick Fix Command
              * Scrollable Region Tooltips
              * Improved Filtering in Completion List
      * Debugger 
              * Pinned Quick Watches
              * Debug Value Visualizers
              * Improved expression evaluation
              * New Exception Dialog
      * Tools 
              * New Hex Editor
              * Integrated T4 Templating
              * More Code Metrics
      * ASP.NET
              * Code completion for C# regions
      * Web References
              * Support for WCF Web References
              * Support for references that require authentication
      * Improvements in other add-ins:
              * NUnit
              * MonoTouch
              * Mac OS support
              * Vala

A more complete description of what's new in MonoDevelop 2.4 is
available here:

Release notes:

Sources and packages are available here:


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