[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop to write Win32 apps?

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Thu May 6 02:05:42 EDT 2010

To clarify: unsafe code (as in, "unsafe" C# keyword) IS managed code.
You can use unsafe code to use pointers and stuff, but you'd still be using
100% C#, and it'd still fully run in the CLR, so your app would still be
100% cross platform.

Unmanaged code is, for example, invoking in your managed app a dll or so
file which is in native code (not all dlls are in native / Windows code
though, .NET dlls use the same extension although they are managed).

Anyway, MonoDevelop isn't meant to build native Win32 apps. But it can let
you make managed apps that work on Windows, like you would with Visual

jmalcolm wrote:
> Jean-Claude, I am not sure if you are new to Mono, MonoDevelop, or .NET in
> general.
> Mono is just .NET that runs Linux, Mac, Windows, and others.  If you write
> an application that runs on .NET without calling 'unsafe' code then it
> should run fine on Mono as well.  Mono code is simply .NET code.
> For example, if by "Win32-API Windows apps" you mean writing Windows Forms
> GUI apps then your code should run well on Mono on Linux and elsewhere.
> Unsafe code is unmanaged code that calls outside of the .NET framework
> directly to the operating system or libraries that may not be available on
> other systems.  You can do this on Mono just like you would on .NET but
> then your code would not be portable to other platforms.
> For example, you could write an application in MonoDevelop on Windows that
> calls the Win32 C library directly.  This would run on .NET or on Mono on
> Windows but would fail on Mono on other platforms as the Win32 API is not
> available on those systems (although some GDI+ is emulated by Mono on
> Linux/Mac).
> If you run MonoDevelop on Windows you do not even need Mono.  You can
> write and run your app on the real Microsoft .NET and write the exact same
> code as you would in Visual Studio.  In fact, MonoDevelop will read Visual
> Studio solution files so you can write it in Visual Studio first and move
> it to MonoDevelop later.
> Although Mono supports Windows Forms apps well, MonoDevelop does not have
> a visual forms designer for Windows Forms.  You can either use alternative
> IDEs like SharpDevelop or Visual Studio or write the code by hand.  There
> is a visual designer in MonoDevelop for the GTK GUI framework.  Most
> people who write GUI apps in Mono choose to use GTK instead of Windows
> Forms.  GTK apps can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac although supporting
> libraries need to be installed on Windows and Mac (typically already
> present on Linux).
> Although Mono supports various .NET languages, C# is the most mature and
> best supported.
> If you are trying to code Win32-API apps that do not use .NET then it is
> possible with MonoDevelop but you are really barking up the wrong tree.

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