[MonoDevelop] MD always re-generates GUI code and re-compiles the whole project...why?

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Mon May 3 16:14:39 EDT 2010

Am Montag 03 Mai 2010 21:17:50 schrieben Sie:
> Does the build yield any warnings?
Quite many (my project is quite big)...but MD 2.0.2 did not show this kind of 
behavior. I skimmed through the warnings, bur found nothing which could 
provoke auch a re-compilimg.

> > It's not only about the CPU time consumption what makes me complain about
> > this issue, but also the fact the the GUI builder has a bug I have
> > already reported, and this bug makes me edit generated GUI files by hand.
> Which bug is that?

It's the bug with the '/' signs instead of the '.' in the autogenerated GUI 
code. You fixed it a week ago, I can remember.


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