[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop.Autotools addin?

Vasili I. Galchin vigalchin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 17:30:01 EST 2010

Hi Mike,

      I am getting my F# addin to the point where I can attempt to do a
"Build". When I select "Build", I get the wrong path for the F# compiler:

INFO [2010-03-08 16:09:35Z]: /usr/bin/gmcs


I did the time-honored brute force software engineering technique .......
i.e. find/grep ... searching for the C# compiler gmcs ;^). I found a likely
ref to "gmcs" in CSharpBinding/Autotools/CSharpAutotoolsSetup.cs. So I
"cloned" this file and put in my CSharpBinding/Autotools and modified enough
so that "fsc" would be returned instead of various C# compilers. When I try
to rebuild my F# addin, it chocks on importation of MonoDevelop.Autotools in
FSharpAutotoolsSetup.cs. How do I get access to the namespace of the
MonoDevelop.Autotools addin.

I also added an XML element to my addin.xml:
assembly="MonoDevelop.CSharpBinding.Autotools.dll"/>     <<< not sure when
this gets built .... ???
                        <Addin id="Autotools" version="2.2"/>
                <Extension path = "/MonoDevelop/Autotools/SimpleSetups">
class="FSharpBinding.Autotools.FSharpAutotoolsSetup" />


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