[MonoDevelop] perforce addin for monodevelop

Ian Norton inb at ncipher.com
Fri Mar 5 02:15:33 EST 2010

Hello Everyone,

I've been making good progress on my perforce support addin, but have
hit a bit of a wall.

Basically, perforce differs from other VCS in a number of ways, the most
significant is that you have to tell the perforce server what your local
working directory is. In perforce this is called the workspace root.

I am treating each perforce workspace as a single repository.

The best way to think of a perforce "workspace" is a set of mount points
on your local workstation that map to places (and points in time) on the
perforce server.

You might have:

 Client:  monodevelop
 Root:    /home/inb/Projects/p4/monodevelop
   //path/to/depot/stuff/monodevelop/... //monodevelop/...

This means that the local folder path becomes significant for a given
perforce repository. For this workspace (perforce uses "Client" and
"Workspace" to mean the same thing) /home/inb/Projects/p4/monodevelop is
where perforce maps the content of //path/to/depot/stuff/monodevelop/

My repository needs to know what the user has chosen for the local
directory or be able to set this itself. My PerfroceRepositoryEditor
cannot do this partly due to SelectRepositoryDialog being an internal

I cannot get access to set the contents of the parent
SelectRepositoryDialog.entryFolder entry box based on the chosen
perforce workspace. If I could, then I can use this to tell perforce. 

Is there a way around this for me without hacking on the included VCS
classes in MD? I'd rather not have to produce a patch to apply against
MD, my vcs addin so far will build as a stand-olone addin project. If I
have no choice I will have a go though.

Best Regards


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