[MonoDevelop] Version Control GUI

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Mon Jun 28 13:05:08 EDT 2010


I'm playing around with the version control GUI a bit (it's the part of 
monodevelop with the least error reports - time to do something about) - 
I'll commit my first changes tomorrow.

Expect that the new version control GUI may be a bit unstable the first 
few days (== this week). I would like to hear feedback about the changes 
- it'll take some time till the GUI is solid - the first days it's good 
to play around with it and see how it could be improved.
(If you want a solid md version for your daily work - don't update until 
next monday - if you want bleeding edge code update tomorrow evening).

What we want to do:

The current plan is to have a side-by side view of the diff - this makes 
it easier to compare changes. And the ability to compare arbitrary 
versions of a file.

The gui for the file view will be completly rewritten & the behavior is 
a bit different. Instead of putting all the different views of a file 
into separate document windows all is put into one window where it's 
possiple to switch easily between the log/annotations/diff view.


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