[MonoDevelop] Support for Git - MonoDevelop 2.6

Ian Norton-Badrul Ian.Norton-Badrul at thales-esecurity.com
Thu Jun 17 01:52:03 EDT 2010

Hi Dale,

I got a bit stuck with my perforce plugin, when you get started I'd  
love to have a look as I found the svn addin a little confusing


On 17 Jun 2010, at 03:57, "Dale Ragan" <dale.ragan at sinesignal.com>  

> After chatting with Lluis on the #monodevelop IRC channel this  
> evening, I
> am happy to announce that I will be volunteering my time to  
> implement the
> 'Support for Git'[1] task for MonoDevelop 2.6.  I will be digging  
> into the
> specifics on how the Subversion add-in was done and implementing a Git
> version very soon.
> Any special instructions on where I should check-in my code?  I know  
> the
> Mono team is planning on making a switch to Git soon, sometime after  
> the
> 2.8 release.  Is that the same for the MonoDevelop team?  Should  
> this be
> tracked in SVN like the other projects or should it be created in  
> Git?  I
> have a GitHub account[2] as an option for hosting it too.
> I will also be working on an open source web based Git browser  
> implemented
> with ASP.NET MVC at the same time.  I have plans on integrating it
> MonoDevelop in a generic way, hence my interest on working on this  
> task.
> Features will include a code review system, repository management, and
> tight bug tracker integration.
> Due to my web application plans, I have been following the GitSharp[3]
> library for quite some time.  It is progressing quite nicely and  
> they are
> planning to do a release in August.  I do not see any reason that  
> using
> this library should change from the initial task plans.
> I use MonoDevelop on Linux as my primary IDE for development and I  
> have
> some experience with the MonoDevelop API.  I recently created an add- 
> in to
> bring MonoDevelop support to SpecFlow, which will be included in the  
> next
> release.  We're just waiting for the next patch to Mono 2.6 to  
> release.
> We were also waiting on MonoDevelop 2.4, but it released today of  
> course.
> If you have any feedback on what you would like to see, just let me  
> know.
> I have an account in BugZilla if there's accompanying tasks you want  
> to
> assign me.  My IRC handle is 'dragan'.  My twitter handle is  
> '@dwragan'.
> Cheers,
> Dale Ragan
> http://sinesignal.com/
> [1]:
> http://monodevelop.com/Developers/Tasks/Version_Control/Support_for_new_version_control_systems/
> [2]: http://github.com/sinesignal/
> [3]: http://www.eqqon.com/index.php/GitSharp/
> [4]: http://specflow.org/
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