[MonoDevelop] Missing addin menu entry after restart

Christian Kollee christian.kollee at FernUni-Hagen.de
Fri Jun 11 10:09:23 EDT 2010


currently I'm writing my own addin and encouter some strange behaviour.
After copying the generated dll to the addin folder and a restart of MD
everything looks fine. After restarting again the menu entries are gone.
The addin manager shows the addin correctly installed. After disabling
and reenabling the addin it works until the next start of MD. At first I
thought I did anything wrong in the addin.xml but I could reproduce this
behaviour using the example from

I'm using the latest stable version (2.2.2) on Windows XP. Maybe this
has something to do with bugs 519220 or 586110.

Anybody has the same issue and/or can point me to a solution?

Best regards

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