[MonoDevelop] Git add-in

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 04:50:15 EDT 2010

> > 
> >>     Push - Push changes to remote repository
> > 
> > This command is new and specific to Git. Ok to add it.
> You could also create a new generic DistributedVersionControl class
> outside of the Git addin that adds a Push abstract operation, so other
> addins that inherit from it can define their own Push behavior.

I don't think this abstraction is worth it. The Push command can just be
added to the Repository class and implemented only by those VCS that
support it.

> > 
> > We don't have those commands, but it might be useful to have them for
> > both SVN and Git.
> > 
> >>     Create Patch - Create a patch based on last commit
> > 
> > Already exists.
> For this one, it would be useful to place it in another place because
> now with DVCS there's another use case: you commit, and then you want to
> create the patch of an already-committed-locally changeset so other
> person can review it before pushing it.

Yes, this command would be useful in the log view too.


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