[MonoDevelop] Git add-in

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 04:42:27 EDT 2010


> > This works like the SVN add-in. In most cases, MD will git-add or git-rm
> > the files for you. For example, when you add to or delete a file from
> > project.
> Ok, but if you don't add them through MonoDevelop you wouldn't get them
> in the Review Changes view, which is very annoying. 

Well, nobody complained about this when using the SVN addin, so maybe it
is no so very annoying :). You can use the Show all files option in the
project pad and use the Add command there.

However, I don't dislike the idea of showing the untracked files in the
status view. I would prefer not showing them by default, and provide a
command for toggling its view. Then you would be able to select one of
them and do an "Add" to start tracking the file, or an "Ignore" to add
it to the ignores list.

> Why not:
> a) Adding these files (that were added with MonoDevelop) to the
> ReviewChanges dialog with the enabled checkbox (for the commit) by
> default. (BTW, I had trouble while doing this today using git master[1])
> b) Adding the other files (added outside of MonoDevelop) to the
> ReviewChanges dialog with the disabled checkbox (for the commit) by
> default. (These files can be extracted from a "git status" command.)
> >> If yes, why not
> >> improving this to make the commit actually do a pre-commit (pursuing git
> >> add and git rm in the files that have been marked in the checkbox) just
> >> before the commit in the same atomic MonoDevelop-operation? This way the
> >> ReviewChanges operation would show *any* change in the local repository.
> > 
> > You can only get a list of files added/removed if the files have been
> > git-added and git-removed. That's why it has to be done before showing
> > the status view (just like SVN).
> As said above, you can obtain these files through git status, unless I'm
> missing something.

Yes, you can get a list of untracked files.


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