[MonoDevelop] Git add-in

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 14:54:05 EDT 2010

Firstly, I don't use Git but I'm glad we're getting a DVCS addin.
Hopefully this will make any future work on a Mercurial addin (which I
would use and help test) easier :)

On 27/07/10 18:05, Lluis Sanchez Gual wrote:
> El dt 27 de 07 de 2010 a les 18:40 +0200, en/na "Andrés G. Aragoneses"
> va escriure:
>> El 27/07/10 17:49, Lluis Sanchez Gual escribió:
>>>         tree to a branch (git checkout). Once a branch is selected, all
>>>         operations (including commit, push, pull) are done only for that
>>>         branch.
>> I would add a very emphasized label then prior to the Push operation so
>> the user can visually spot which branch he's targetting.
> That's in the push dialog, but I can emphasize it a bit more :)
> I'm also toying with the idea of having a branch selector in the
> toolbar, which would make the current branch more visible.

I know that not everyone likes using Eclipse as a reference, but IMO
they do have a nice option for handling the "what branch am I in?" issue.

What Eclipse does is to add what they call "decorators" to the project
name (I think the decorators add text as well as overlays). The project
name is then in black text with the extra text (by default) being a
paler colour and showing showing:
 * the repo name (the short name that you picked when you created it)
 * the branch name
 * current revision (remote for SVN or local for Hg/Git)

I can't find any screenshots online at the moment and don't have any
projects to test with (using Eclipse is part of my day job).

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