[MonoDevelop] Possible enhancment for diff view

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Wed Jul 14 15:14:54 EDT 2010

I checked Eclipse today while I was working on it, and it seems to
depend on which diff view you're working with as to whether it jumps
when you scroll. For now I think we're probably better without it and
sticking with the current behaviour of jumping to a point when you click
in the diff margin.

Just a few comments on the UI:

 1) The next/prev diff buttons are too narrow to see the icons on to
know what they do - I just see about a 2px by 2px square inside the button.

 2) It loses you a tiny amount of screen space, but I think we'd benefit
from a native scroll bar rather than the "diff map that acts as a scroll
bar". At the moment it just looks odd and slightly non-obvious as to how
much you can scroll (the colours aren't obvious enough)

 3) In spite of 2), it would be useful to be able to click on a diff map
section and jump to it - perhaps only making the differing lines
clickable in the map.

 4) Having the scrollable area be the full height of the scrolling area
seems a bit more natural and easier to judge where you are.

 5) Prev/next diff buttons probably shouldn't loop. If you want to get
to the last diff using the buttons then you should be able to just keep
clicking until the button disables and it doesn't move again, rather
than having to pay attention.

 6) Changes should probably only be copied on left-click, not on
right-click as well

 7) It would be useful to have a "copy all changes" and "copy all
unconflicting changes" action available.

Hope that helps and gives people some ideas :)

On 09/07/10 10:57, Alan McGovern wrote:
> The diff view is pretty cool so far. It's been *very* useful to me when
> reviewing other peoples diffs and also reviewing my own before
> committing them. It makes it trivial to undo accidental whitespace changes.
> One feature I was thinking would be cool would be if scolling the diff
> view jumped between segments, alternatively each scroll in the diff view
> would move you down to the next changed line. This way you could easily
> jump to the important parts of the file without having to think about it
> and place your mouse in just the right place. The way I view things is
> that scrolling in either the left pane or right pane will scroll as
> normal, but if you scroll in the bar in the middle you should jump to
> the next changed segment/line.
> What do people think of this? Can you think of a better way to
> accomplish this?
> Alan.
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