[MonoDevelop] How can I reorder project items from project options widget?

lost lostfreeman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 11:06:20 EDT 2010

Hello again!

I've found that this was because of MSBuildProjectHandler behavior. On save
it writes file infos to the same place they were before and did not update
its internal fileContent property (this prevented me from being fine via
removing, saving, re-adding, and saving again). I need someone to discuss if
writting to the same place behavior should be fixed.

I've attached a fix to update fileContent property after save.

Best regards,
Victor Milovanov.

2010/7/14 lost <lostfreeman at gmail.com>

> Hello!
> I've made file reordering window for F# projects. I'm trying to save new
> file order.
> In order to do this I remove all files from project instance
> (DotNetProject.Files property), and add them again in correct order. After
> that I call IdeApp.ProjectOperations.Save(project) passing modified
> DotNetProject.
> But when I reopen options window I can see in it (and in debugger too) that
> files are in the same order they've been before.
> It seems that initially files are in order they appear in project file, so
> for loader order matters.
> What should I do to correctly save new file order in project?
> Best regards,
> Victor Milovanov.
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