[MonoDevelop] Possible enhancment for diff view

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Sat Jul 10 02:30:20 EDT 2010


That behavior is a bit 'jumpy' ... I don't think that it's good. There 
are buttons at the right bottom corner that does exactly this - did you 
try these ?

> The diff view is pretty cool so far. It's been *very* useful to me 
> when reviewing other peoples diffs and also reviewing my own before 
> committing them. It makes it trivial to undo accidental whitespace 
> changes.
> One feature I was thinking would be cool would be if scolling the diff 
> view jumped between segments, alternatively each scroll in the diff 
> view would move you down to the next changed line. This way you could 
> easily jump to the important parts of the file without having to think 
> about it and place your mouse in just the right place. The way I view 
> things is that scrolling in either the left pane or right pane will 
> scroll as normal, but if you scroll in the bar in the middle you 
> should jump to the next changed segment/line.
> What do people think of this? Can you think of a better way to 
> accomplish this?
> Alan.
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