[MonoDevelop] Gtk.TextView question

Aniello Di Nardo dinardo at creasoftware.net
Fri Jul 9 14:57:23 EDT 2010


I'm building a little chat mono gtk# application and I've some question about the Gtk.TextView.

I use the follow code to add a line into the Gtk.TextView widget...

Gtk.TextView txvMonitor = new Gtk.TextView()
void addToMonitor(string textToAdd) {
   TextIter mIter = txvMonitor.Buffer.EndIter;
   txvMonitor.Buffer.Insert(ref mIter, textToAdd);
   txvMonitor.ScrollToIter(txvMonitor.Buffer.EndIter, 0, false, 0, 0);

when the text fill the visible area of the Gtk.TextView widget, the scroll bars do not move...

why the refresh of the Gtk.TextView widget occour only (or any time) when i click on it?

often... the application crash when "void addToMonitor" occour! Why? There is something wrong with the code?

is possible set the background and the foreground color of the Gtk.TextView widget?

There is a more simple widget as the "single-line Entry widget", but multi-line width the scroll bars?

Thanks for any replies?


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