[MonoDevelop] Suggested change to navigation drop-down behaviour

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Tue Jul 6 02:06:58 EDT 2010

>>>   Why doesn't it make sense
>>> to replicate the outline view in the quick navigator?
>> Because then you don't need the outline view ...
>> The quick navigator is a different control with a different purpose - it
>> doesn't give you an overview of the file it shows your caret position. The
>> only thing that these two have in common is allowing to switch to a specific
>> entry in a file.
>> If we're making these two exactly the same it would be replicating a feature
>> - that's not good program design.
> True, but it would be a shame to make the navigation bar less useful
> simply because the outline already exists :)
> If the items in the breadcrumbs menu expanded out so that one could
> drill down directly from a single item, then I wouldn't need the
> outline at all. And one really good feature is better than two similar
> but inferior features.
I want it to make more useful - I think the feature jumping to all 
regions inside a file is a good one. When I put the regions into the 
structure tree this isn't that easy anymore ... then the regions aren't 
distinct anymore and incease the noise in the member level.
When separating them they're special and a way to structure the file 
beside the classes/members.

I don't see why it's inferior when making it easier to select regions. 
The breadcumbs menu will be able to be expanded one day ... atm the 
control can't do that but that's the direction :)
(No it's not a menu control I use here ... the gtk menu has a bad 
behavior when it grows large IMO)


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