[MonoDevelop] Suggested change to navigation drop-down behaviour

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Mon Jul 5 01:42:17 EDT 2010

> That's basically what I was thinking - to me the navigation is basically
> an outline that you can jump through that shows a compact breadcrumb of
> where you are.
> Eclipse doesn't have to cope with regions, but they have introduced a
> breadcrumb bar that can be very useful. One difference there is that
> theirs is package wide, so it behaves more like the Windows Vista
> Explorer navigation at all levels - click the namespace one and you get
> a list of all namespaces you could look at. That's probably a slightly
> different widget to what Mike is trying to create, though, with a
> slightly wider scope.
Atm this isn't really possible to do for us - but we're considering 
changing the workflow.

> That's still a button press or a click either way. If I've got a class
> in a namespace with some methods in a region and some methods outside
> and if I'm within the region but want to navigate to a method outside
> the region then I've currently got to click outside of the region or
> press Ctrl+Home to get to the top of the page so that I can use the nav.
> Either of those actions is something different that I've got to do to
> get the nav to do what I want. What I was suggesting provides the user
> with all of the interaction they need in one place, which seems more
> consistent.
Ok this shows me that you still doesn't fully understand how it works 
atm. You don't need to go outside of a region for navigating to a 
member/type etc.
I think I just make it more clear that the 1st box isn't a filter and 
then waiting some months for more feedback about this.
>> I don't intend to put a different level selector in the tree - this
>> would complicate things too much. atm it's very clear [REGION] ->
> If you're going to keep that structure then I still think that you need
> a "no region" option as soon as you have regions, and the file seems as
> logical a "no region" item as any. If you don't then you end up needing
> to either do funny navigations or deciding that everything needs to be
> in a region.
No because 'no region' isn't defined clearly - jumping to the first 
point in the file where no region is is not a feature that makes sense.
Give me a use case for that. I think there isn't any - at least atm 
because it doesn't filter.


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