[MonoDevelop] RemotingException: Unix transport error when Running Tests

John Lenz jlenz2 at math.uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 28 18:01:22 EST 2010

I get exactly the same problem, I filed a report a while back about it here.


I have been investigating the problem, I no longer think it is related 
to debugging at all like I mention in the report, instead it is just a 
problem with nunit.  It was just that the debugger was the first to 
trigger the problem.

I have tried a bunch of things to find where this problem is, but I can 
not find the source.  At first I thought it was a remoting problem, so I 
added the following patch to monodevelop in an effort to see if some 
object was timing out.  But I didn't have any luck, no object that I 
could see was disconnected between starting the test and the exception 
being received.  You could try the attached patch and see if it shows 
anything for you though.

For now, I am at a loss, having been trying to find this problem for a 
while now.  Any ideas to track down this bug would be helpful.

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