[MonoDevelop] Patch allowing support for MonoXNA addin

Lars Magnusson lavima at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 11:48:57 EST 2010


This patch has been written as a result of many hours of frustration
trying to achieve the functionality needed to develop a MonoXNA addin
for MD. I've made a post here in the mailing list
and bothered lluis numerous times on the irc channel. But I decided
not to wait for help anymore and make some changes to MD myself. These
changes makes the development of a MonoXNA possible (or at least much

Most of the changes is in the MonoDevelop.Projects assembly, but some
changes have also been made in MonoDevelop.Ide. The changes have been
described in the Changelog entries, but common for all of them is that
they should not change the current behavior of MD, it should only add
additional flexibility)

Hopefully this patch will be accepted before the 2.4 release of
MonoDevelop, because we are aiming at releasing our first binary for
this release.

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