[MonoDevelop] Forms Designer in MonoDevelop

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Thu Jan 21 07:11:38 EST 2010


> >> If you are saying that the SharpDevelop designer uses P/Invoke (DLLImport)
> >> to access unmanaged libraries then I agree, porting the SharpDevelop
> >> designer to MonoDevelop may be the wrong approach.  I would very much like
> >> MonoDevelop to stay dedicated to being cross-platform.
> >>
> >
> > No p/invokes are used for the designer :)
> I'm really not an expert of it but the MWF are not in the same way as
> the Management space, who use P/Invoke to provide "managed" code in
> the framework ?

>From the viewpoint of the forms designer it doesn't matter if the
windows forms implementation uses p/invoke or not - the framework
provides a designer and the controls can (and many to) provide their own
mini-designers and all plug in into a managed services framework and all
services can be implemented in managed code. The forms designer itself
is much more high level than 'paint a widget here - draw text there'

btw. isn't designing windows forms controls with sharpdevelop an
option ? All IDEs share the same project format - and it's unlikely that
we have a mwf supporting design time (but it's open source - therefore I
may be wrong here).


> >
> >> If what you are saying is that the SharpDevelop designer relies on .NET
> >> classes which are incomplete in Mono currently then I do not see why this
> >> has to shoot down the idea of a designer in MonoDevelop so quickly.
> >>
> >> I imagine that a good number of the people asking for or expecting to find a
> >> forms designer in MonoDevelop are currently on the Windows platform.
> >> Running only on Windows for the moment would still be useful.
> >>
> >> If I get some free time one of these days I could try to run the stand-alone
> >> designer on .NET to get an indication of how well it works when the platform
> >> support is there.  I could also poke around the designer in SharpDevelop to
> >> see how easily it might be ripped out.  I just thought somebody more
> >> knowlegable, like Mike perhaps, might be able to quickly tell me if breaking
> >> the problem in two like this would actually make anything easier.
> >>
> >
> > Ripping out the forms designer shouldn't be that hard at all (in fact
> > it's 'just' ripping out some services which should be provided) -
> > integrating it into monodevelop ... is a lot of work, but doable.
> >
> > Regards
> > Mike
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