[MonoDevelop] Stetic - gtk# gui designer

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 03:40:32 EST 2010

El dv 15 de 01 de 2010 a les 00:03 -0800, en/na Kodre va escriure:
> I have a custom widget with custom drawing in onexpose. 
> When i put this custom widget on window in stetic designer, only grey
> rectangle is drawn instead of drawing specified in onexpose. But when i run
> the application widget is properly drawn on the window. 
> What should i do for real presentation of my widget in stetic designer?

Stetic can't show the real presentation of custom widgets because it
would require loading the application assembly into the MD process and
that's not supported. There are plans to fix this in the future (by
loading the designer in an external process). For now, what it does is
just show a fake widget that looks like the custom widget.

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