[MonoDevelop] is it possible to write a screensaver using mono?

Alexandros Ilatzis ailatzis at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 14:34:28 EST 2010

So it is possible, but where can I find documentation or a how to guide to
Any help will be greatly appreciated

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somewhere everything is possible with Mono, either native or with P/Invoke.
But, an screen saver, it is not just an application, in full screen, with a
picture or anything else, with an mouse event and an timer, whose play both
on the show/hide Form ?

2010/1/11 Alexandros Ilatzis <ailatzis at gmail.com>:
> Any documentation or a place to start ?
> I think gnome-screensaver is what I am using right now. (On open suse 
> 11.2 , and Ubuntu 9.1)
> I have already visited xscreensaver but hasn't a single piece of info 
> about mono.
> Thanks
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