[MonoDevelop] breakpoints not resolved correctly under OS X

ptr ptrajkumar at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 17:02:12 EST 2010

hey all

  I am using monodevelop 2.2 with mono 2.6 under Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

I have a simple project


In such a scenario when I set a breakpoint in TestLib source files they are
automatically resolved and everything works correctly.


In SolutionB instead of having a project reference , I simply have an
assembly reference where I have browsed to the folder where TestLib.dll and
TestLib.mdb reside. In such a scenario I cannot step into functions that are
defined in TestLib.  This is in spite the MonoDevelop telling me it has
successfully resolved the breakpoint in a particular source file.

 Is this a known limitation of MonoDevelop ?

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